Ginger CEBTP

Ginger CEBTP

Digital Workplace

  • A pole of expertise at construction services, the ground engineering specialist, materials and structures
  • More than 800 employees, working in a network of 35 branches throughout France and overseas
  • 88 million turnover in 2016

Boost internal Communication and Collaboration

The company had since 1997 an intranet comprising essentially a library document without search engine, a technical forum and a dedicated module to job offers. To respond to a real expectation of all staff, Ginger CEBTP expressed willingness to adopt a new, more powerful tool, structured around three pillars :

  • Communication, to cultivate the spirit and culture of the company by disseminating and sharing the news at a steady pace
  • Documentary, to thin the daily work of its employees by facilitating research and access to documents together on a single, ergonomic tool
  • Collaborative, to identify expertise and skills relevant to federate the project management

A ready-to-use solution

Ginger CEBTP Group chose Jalios solution because of its flexibility and its functional coverage which avoids having to carry out further developments.
The quality of the commercial relationship, with movements of the Jalios team at the customer, demonstration, monitoring and local support has also played a real role for Jalios.

"We selected Jalios for it's completeness, flexibility and ease of implementation as well as its competitive pricing."

Maxime Poux, Communication Manager

A real boosted Internal Communication

Called Univers, the new Intranetof Ginger CEBTP is representative of the mindset and culture of the company. Early on, it won support of all staff. Nourished by a real desire to regularly enrich its content, constitutes a veritable universe centralized on exchange field for all employees, with an average of 400 daily connections.

All the company's business use Univers. Executive assistants earn considerable time in papers research and are guaranteed to have the latest updated version, engineers share data remotely projects .....

With indicators of use on the rise, this collaborative Intranet helped boost internal communication, thus satisfying one of the recurring expectations expressed in surveys of staff.

"The CSN is also important because there was a big problem of" who does what "and particular skills of detection to answer calls for tenders."

Maxime Poux, Communication Manager

Ginger CEBTP

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