Operator exploitation

This certification is mainly intended for technical administrators / Architects / Operators of the Jalios platform.


Duration and terms and conditions

  • 1 session of 120 minutes (2 hours)
    • 120 questions (QCM)
    • Inter-company: 10 people maximum. On site Jalios in presence.
    • In-company: 6 people minimum
  • Certification by major version
  • Price: 150 € per session
  • Inter-company certification:
    • 10 people maximum.
    • Regular monthly sessions in Jalios premises
    • from 20 January: once a month
  • Intra-company certification:
    • 5 people minimum within the company
    • on the premises of our partners and/or customers


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  • Roles of the Central Administrator
  • Administration from the platform interface
  • Manage application properties
  • Operating features
  • Supervision features
  • Functional central administration
  • Relation with the support/ Community
  • Advanced platform operation and supervision
  • Describe the standard architecture according to functional uses (collaborative, EDM, CSR), high availability, Jsync,
  • storage of files, logs, symbolic links...
  • Apply operating procedures: bakups/restore (platform, VM)...
  • Maintenance: Store, analytics...
  • Perform a basic and advanced diagnosis: log4j configuration,... JVisualVM,
  • Apply patches and updates: deployment, directory cleansing, scripts... JCMS patches, apply patches,... JCMS patches, security patches
  • Collect information useful for technical support: status. xml, thread-dump, heap-dump, technical support channels, communications with the support, create a support ticket
  • Identify the main indicators to be monitored: system indicators (CPU, disk, memory, system logs, perimeters: application (Apache, DBMS, LDAP/AD, JOD, LibreOffice, XMPP, Mail), JAVA, JCMS, BDD JCMS, etc.).


  • JPlatform 10. x. x. x



  • It is recommended that you be certified as a Professional Administrator before obtaining this certification.
  • It is recommended that you have read the Jalios Online Knowledge Base entries on our Jalios Community support platform.

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