Vittoria Conseil Vittoria Conseil

Vittoria Conseil, founded in 2007, specializes in advising and assisting its clients on the development of their digital projects. Its expertise can be summed up around four distinct poles:

  • The DS (design office) in charge of the functional support and writing detailed specifications specifications.
  • The "Studio" in charge of graphic design, HMIs and ergonomics as well as BtoC and BtoB client paths.
  • The "R&D" cluster for the development and configuration of web applications
  • The "Mobility "cluster for the creation of business-oriented mobile applications under iOS and Android

Certified ISO 9001 in 2011, Vittoria Conseil is committed to the work accomplished, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its services. The company has many references in French Polynesia where it is based and develops the most innovative services around solutions such as Jalios.

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