Keyrus Keyrus

Keyrus is an international consulting and technology company specializing in Data and Digital technologies. Keyrus's mission is to help companies take advantage of the Data and Digital paradigm to increase their performance, facilitate and accelerate their transformation and generate new levers for growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

Putting innovation at the heart of its strategy, Keyrus develops a unique value proposition on the market around an innovative offer based on a combination of three major and convergent areas of expertise:

  • Data Intelligence
    Big Data Analytics - Business Intelligence - Information Management - EPM
  • Digital Experience
    Innovation & Digital Strategy - Digital Marketing & CRM - Digital Commerce - Digital Performance - User Experience
  • Management Consulting & Transformation
    Digital Strategy & Innovation - Digital Transformation - Performance Management - Project Support

Present in 15 countries and on 4 continents, the Keyrus Group employs more than 2300 people.

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