Mr Bricolage

Collaborative intranet

  • Leader among local independent retailers in the field of home and garden design
  • More than 700 stores (306 exclusively under the Mr. Bricolage brand) including 72 international stores in 2017
  • 10,000 employees in mainland France, including 400 at headquarters.

The challenges: An extended intranet for 10,000 employees

Mr.Bricolage had equipped itself with an intranet in 2013: proving to be closer to the use of an operational information portal (evolution of prices, withdrawal of products, data on stocks...), it was fed by contributors based at the headquarters for the sole attention of the members and some of their deputies. The whole was served by an aging ergonomics... Quite far from a real intranet group whose primary vocation is to address all employees.

In 2016, the management wanted to set up a new intranet to be "extended" and "collaborative", with the aim of boosting communication and exchanges between employees, between members but also between these two populations in order to improve the effectiveness of the network. A more functional tool, therefore, ergonomic, unifying and accessible to everyone, from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone), promoting the spirit of belonging to the brand. A more collaborative tool as well: the idea being to share information transversally between all employees, and no longer just from the top down, from store owners (members) to employees.

Mr. Bricolage therefore called on the Jalios solution, already used for the old intranet.

A collaborative intranet developed in agile mode

Screenshoot mr diyThe framing phase brought out many ideas and converted them directly into action. Working methods appreciated by the Communication team of Mr.Bricolage in charge of the follow-up of the project, because this one could interact step by step on the ergonomics, the tree structure, the navigation...

Then it's time for implementation, with development in agile mode by successive iterations. An incremental process that involved the business teams (Communication, Purchasing, HR, etc.) from the beginning to the end of the project, giving them a transparent view of progress. With each iteration, its share of design work with participatory workshops, development and testing. This method allowed Mr.Bricolage to project himself in the various uses of the intranet and to send his feedbacks.

A full responsive design version has been added. To optimize each page for the different screens, a graphic overlay was applied.

This natural evolution towards responsive design met the requirements of the customer who wanted not only to extend his intranet to all employees, via any medium, but also to engage them to contribute to its evolution, through, for example, exchanges on a blog, a discussion forum or video sharing. Final objective: that each category manager (hardware department manager, tooling manager, garden manager, etc.), for example, opens his own collaborative space to discuss product referencing and pricing with his team and members.

The functional, technical, infrastructure and design parts were worked on, and 32 contributors were trained to use this new intranet, as well as three functional administrators.

balance sheet

The full version of the new intranet, called Le Comptoir, was officially launched on March 5, 2018.

Nearly 2,000 contents (product sheets, alerts, news, Group advertising spots in preview, etc.) are already online and available to 1,700 readers. The next step, in May 2018, is to launch extranet access so that the 10,000 employees can connect from home or from their smartphone in 4G.


Mr.Bricolage has redesigned its intranet to make it a collaborative platform for all its employees and a tool for adhering to the company's culture. Faithful to the Jalios software, he called on ASI's expertise to develop a federative interface, more functional and open to all employees.

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