Mr Bricolage

Collaborative intranet

  • 1st group of independent local traders for the layout of the house and garden
  • 766 stores including 72 abroad in 2017
  • 10 000 employees in 2017

An intranet to federate all employeed and members

Driven by the dynamics of a business project "Trajectory 2014" to mobilize employees and optimize the relationship with the members, the group has had to rethink its Intranet "MB Office."
It is essentially to facilitate access to information to employees and members that the Group has chosen to develop a new tool to address three priorities:

make information available to its stores and thus facilitate the work of the sales force (product information, referrals ....)
facilitate the provision of information and documents by the Central,
cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit to create a true sense of belonging to the Group.

A rich and scalable solution

The choice of Jalios solution was natural, Mr Bricolage having already used Jalios for the establishment of a support website to its stores to help them use their business management tool. The functional completeness of Jalios solution, ergonomics and scalability were also decisive.

A facilitated communication and energized

The new intranet has 80 active contributors from all directions, with a real momentum generated by the purchasing departments, communication, marketing and human resources.

With 3000 users, the new tool has an attendance up 15%, reflecting a better match user expectations.

Stated priority, ease of access to information, supported by a powerful search engine, is trusted by all users.

We knew Jalios and its capabilities... so working with it to redesign our intranet was obvious

Cédric Louisy-Louis, Manager of Organisation and SI Activity

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