French Mutuality

French Mutuality

Collaborative Extranet

  • Includes almost all mutual health
  • In a role of representing the mutual movement
  • 85 000 people employed in mutuality and 15 000 volunteers are elected for the French Mutuality

The MutWeb extranet offers a better access to information to nearly 10 000 subscribers...

French Mutuality

The National Federation of French Mutual (FNMF) includes almost all of the existing mutual health organizations in France, nearly 500 member societies that protect 38 million people.

Mutual societies are non-profit organizations. They are living a system of solidarity, mutual assistance and foresight. They fight exclusion and discrimination.

The federation has a representative role of mutualist movement with institutional, mutual accompaniments of 2500 and also runs clinics and care centers.

76,000 people are employed in mutuality while 100,000 are volunteers elected to the French Mutuality.

A modern and customizable extranet

Launched in 2000, the Extranet allows service Mutweb Federation to provide its members groups, tools and information.Dix years later, the French Mutuality has decided to replace the aging extranet and modernize its image through a customizable solution by the subscriber, which provides the functionality enabled by the Web 2.0:

Improve the graphics rendering
Allow management thrust rights (there are many different subscriber profiles)
Sort by thematic content in order to offer complementary services through information and health news, forums, custom accompaniments
To have an effective search engine
Develop collaborative work knowing that knowledge is heterogeneous web
The tool should integrate with the IS and providing access to various applications including domino rating across the extranet without re-authentication (SSO / LDAP).

A rich and scalable solution

French Mutual chose to use the Jalios solution as the foundation of the new portal, implemented by the integrator native Micropole.La coverage of functional needs, the pleasant interface customization by users of their portal, and the development of collaborative aspect Jalios solution make the tool appropriate to the context.



The solution is connected to many business applications: accounting tool Qualiac, 2 bases Domino, SIRM the French Mutuality, e-learning, online store (developed with Jalios) Federal directory, library, registration for events (National Council, Congress , general assemblies, ...), media monitoring and documentation, federal contribution, employment exchange, ... 


The Mutweb extranet reserved for elected officials and employees of member mutuals, is used by nearly 10,000 subscribers, 50,000 connections and some 200,000 page views each month. 30 people regularly contribute internally, over 30,000 contents were published in 2 years. A newsletter is also sent every day nearly 4,000 people.

In the future, the French Mutuality is considering a mobile version.

"Mutweb is now a preferred gateway between member societies and the French Mutuality. It allows better access to information through a simplified and unique profile management, with access to all applications through the portal without re-authentication. It is based on a sustainable architecture, using scalable and latest technology that meets the web standards 2.0."

Séverine Dedreux, editorial webmaster Responsable MutWeb

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