Collaborative intranet

  • A pioneer in the development of wind energy in France
  • 1 000 employees in 2016
  • Active throughout the development chain of production of green energy units


Valorem is a producer of green energy which is headquartered in Bègles (33). Founded in 1994, the company is an independent structure, a pioneer in the development of wind energy in France. Valorem has 150 employees and operates throughout the chain of development of green energy production units, from prospecting to exploitation through the design and project management.

The company growth was accompanied by the opening of specialized subsidiaries that enrich the service offering and enable Valorem radiation not only in France but also internationally.

A full collaborative solution adapted to thier needs

To support its growth and information sharing requirements between its sites across the country, Valorem early 2014 led a consultation to identify a collaborative solution adapted to its needs, and replace access to file directories considered unsuitable.

A project group consisting of the Quality Manager and two members of the Computing spearheaded the study, in close relationship with members of the Branch.

Among the main features expected were:

  • Innovative collaborative solution, web access, and simple and intuitive input interface,
  • Rich and innovative collaboration capabilities (project spaces, portal module business network, document management, content management, ...)
  • Tasking at the end of a report (workflow) and monitoring of actions,
  • Budget tailored to an intermediary company, with a delivery time constrained.

A simple and fun solution for easy contribution

Our partner ASI, expert in integrating web 2.0 collaboration solutions, proposed the deployment of the solution Jalios - Small Business Edition. Considered innovative, flexible and easy to integrate, the project committee has chosen this solution.

The solution enables a significant reduction in time to research and access to information. The user can also access previous versions of the document

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