Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui

Collaborative EDM

  • French airline company based in French Polynesia
  • 784 employees, including 398 flight crews
  • 480 085 passengers transported in 2016

The company

Air Tahiti Nui is a French airline company based in French Polynesia, created in 1996 by the territorial government. It operates international flights from its hub at Tahiti Fa'a'ā international airport.

The Need: an up-to-date collaborative EDM that is accessible to all employees

Air Tahiti Nui wanted to implement a collaborative EDM/CMS tool so that useful, regulatory, operational, legal, etc. information was available in one place, up-to-date, accessible according to the required levels of security and confidentiality and simultaneously for all departments of the company.

The project includes the following needs:

  • The creation of a common and unique document repository
  • Provision of collaborative documentary workflows
  • Data security according to the different levels of authorization
  • Implementation of an inbound and outbound mail management module
  • Document acquisition (mass scanning)

Air Tahiti Nui has chosen Jalios Digital Platform integrated by ASI, in a project approach at fixed price.

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