Savoie Department

Savoie Department

Collaborative intranet

  • The head office of this local authority is located in Chambéry
  • The department is divided into 7 territories
  • 2,500 agents in 2016

As part of the complete overhaul of its Intranet solution and following the analysis of users' expectations in terms of customization and appropriation of the tool, the Savoie Department chose Business & Decision Eolas and the Jalios V9 solution to provide its agents with a new modern Intranet, simplified and more oriented towards collaborative work.

Today, local authorities are confronted with the need to modernize and improve their internal modes of collaboration. The stakes of Intranet projects go beyond the technical framework and concern management, organisation and communication issues. This type of digital project is more than ever a driving force for setting an organization in motion.

What benefits and evolutions can you expect from an Intranet project?

  • The adoption of a collaborative working mode that allows to decompartmentalize services
  • Shared and easily accessible information resources
  • Unified access to the information system: the Intranet is now a central point of access for staff to applications and data managed by the information system.
  • Involvement of all services around the new tool thanks to a change management approach, particularly through editorial aspects.

The Intranet project of the Savoie Department

Within the framework of this project, the teams of our partner Eolas intervened on all phases of the project

  • Ergonomic, functional and graphic design of the new intranet portal
  • Study, consultancy of technical infrastructures and installation of Jalios systems
  • Implementation of the Jalios V9 solution portal
  • Editorial Charter
  • Training of contributors
  • Site Maintenance
  • Accommodation

After only a few months, benefits are visible within the organization. The new portal provides information, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Communication and sharing is facilitated by the quick and easy online posting of information and documents on a single entry point. Interfacing with tools already in place beforehand (messaging and management software...) is transparent and seamless for users. Finally, it is all the data and business applications that are now available to all users referenced with the aim of improving collaboration procedures within departments.

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