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Following the meeting with Alexis, R & D engineer, we propose you to zoom in on the functionalities of the WebChat module of Jalios JPlatform.

A tool not only for geeks

Webchat is an instant messaging system accessible through a web interface. Its IRC predecessor, created in 1988, offered only basic conversational features, without authentication or presence management. With ICQ in 1996, it was the birth of modern consumer instant messaging, but unlike webchat, it still requires the installation of a heavy client.

It is undoubtedly this history that has long given the webchat the reputation of a tool that is not easy to use and reserved for a technically advanced audience. Yet today, the accessibility of webchat is one of its strong points. All social networks offer their instant messaging tool on the web or on the move. In the business world, it's the growth of live chat for online customer support.

WebChat Jalios features

WebChat Jalios offers the standard features that can be expected from instant messaging:

  • Conversation 1 to 1
  • Multiple conversations
  • Presence indicator
  • Contact Search
  • Conversation History
  • Voice call
  • Video Call
  • Emoticons
  • Document Sharing


Flexible, robust and secure architecture

"It's imperative that companies test the security level of instant messaging services."

It's imperative companies do basic due diligence about messaging services, like grilling them on the security techniques in place at the vendors' data centres."

Adam Preset, analyst Gartner, specialist in the Digital Workplace


Technically, the solution is based on the OpenFire XMPP server. Like any Jalios product, it is offered in SAAS or dedicated hosting (internalized or externalized), which allows great flexibility, but above all to integrate perfectly with the company's IT environment, offering 2 major advantages:

  • Contact search in the company directory
  • The same level of security as the entire Jalios solution

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Simplified architecture schema of an example of a WebChat Jalios implementation example

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