From Change Management to Emerging Change Editing

28 September 2017, Paris - Back to our latest JClub workshop, which brought together Jalios users and an expert in digital transformation and organisation management, Edouard Tessier.

tessier-blogEdouard is a founding consultant for Anakao, an organization transformation consulting firm.

Change management is a recurrent theme at the heart of our customers' concerns. More and more of you are integrating change management methods to develop a digital culture, deploy a collaborative business platform or even a Digital Workplace for all employees.

What were the highlights of this morning under the sign of change at a time of digital transformation?



How to define change:

"To change is to lose an existing known for a promised future justified by progress."

Know your classics:

Back to basics! as our neighbours across the Atlantic would say! You are always better equipped to cope with change when you learn methods. To do this, (re)read 3 referent authors on change management:

  • Kurt Lewin (1890 - 1947): force field theory and the 3 main phases of the change process: changement-blog
    • Thawing - preparing the ground
    • Movement - building critical mass
    • Crystallization - a long-term record
  • Daryl Conner: the image of the burning platform. Emergency, letting go... read his book "Managing at the  Speef of Change".
  • John Kotter and his famous 8 steps of change management described in his bestseller "Leading Change".


When you intervene on a project, identify:

  • Why (1. emergency)
  • Decision-maker and influential persons (2. coalition) infographie-8-etapes-kotter-blog 
  • Vision (3 and 4)
  • Preparing for a change in practice (8. culture)

Make sure:

  • Means put in place (5. start)
  • Targets and indicators of achievement (6. quick win)
  • General deployment (7. Accelerate)

A method we have taken as our inspiration for applying it to the management of collaborative projects


At the time of the digital revolution, traditional methods are no longer enough...

We now have to deal with it:

  • Uncertainty
  • Continuous change
  • The multitude (read on the topic "The age of the multitude" by Colin & Verdier)

Edouard Tessier gives us his feedback through two concrete examples:

  • The information revolution at France Télévisions
  • The digital revolution for the construction industry. Or how BIM, 3D printing, robotics / cobotics and Big Data are disrupting a sector whose methods have been anchored for centuries.

This conference was followed by a particularly large number of exchanges and concrete examples. And one of the topics frequently discussed is that of facilitating collaboration over time. This is one of the 4 themes that will punctuate our Jalios Digital Summit on November 14th.

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