Would you like to customize functional administration training courses? of Developer?

If you want this tailor-made training to take place in Jalios officies, you must count 3 days of exchanges / 1 day of training preparation, so 4 days.

If you want us to produce online guides, you must have acquired the JGuide module and count 3 hours to 4 hours for 1 simple guide from 6 to 10 steps (1 hour of exchanges, 1 hour of preparation, 1 to 2 hours of exchanges and adaptation accordingly).


Do not hesitate to consult the training catalogue to have all the details on this training (pre-requisite, pedagogical objectives, course...).

Training type: Intra-firm
Duration of training: 4 days for 1 day in Jalios officies, and 0.5 day per simple online guide
Next session(s):

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