Your JPlatform is configured, almost ready to be used by your contributors and it remains only to accompany them in their handling? This Contributor Training allows you to be accompanied for the customization of the training content with you, for you.


If you want the training to take place in Jalios officies, you need to count 3 days of exchanges / 1 day of training preparation, so 4 days.

If you want us to produce online guides, you must have acquired the JGuide module and count 3 hours to 4 hours for 1 simple guide from 6 to 10 steps (1 hour of exchanges, 1 hour of preparation, 1 to 2 hours of exchanges and adaptation accordingly).


Do not hesitate to consult the training catalogue to have all the details on this training (pre-requisite, pedagogical objectives, course...).

Training type: Intra-firm
Duration of training: 4 days for 1 day in Jalios officies, and 0.5 day per simple online guide
Next session(s):

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