Key points for a successful collaborative edit project

You must always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you land in the stars. This quotation from Oscar Wilde sums up the philosophy of a transformation process. For those who embody the digital transformation within their organization and who have an ambitious project to deploy a Digital Workplace, it reminds us of the posture to have: to aim high and lead its collaborative project through regular action and the achievement of objectives.

Vision is accompanied by method. Governance is essential to the success of a Digital Workplace, Collaborative Intranet or Corporate Social Network project. Among the key points of the approach, ask yourself these questions:

  • How to manage the transformation project?
  • What rights policy should be implemented to reconcile broad adoption and controlled confidentiality?
  • What charter should be adopted to maximize participation and quality of contributions?

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A charter of use is a starting point

However, do not lose sight of the fact that this charter is generally read only once by the user at the initialization of his account then accessible in footer...

Tip 1: optimize its writing for the web: short and understandable. It aims to formalize the meaning of your approach: explain the WHY a collaborative platform, its specific objectives in the context of your company, as well as some rules of good use.

Tip 2: go further than the global usage charter by defining use cases and the context for collaboration at the level of each collaborative space (which is also often referred to as a "community of practice"). Before opening a new collaborative space, a good practice is to fill in a space creation request form with several elements such as: the subject of the community, its operational objectives, its success indicators, name (s) of the facilitator (s), type of access (public/private/secret).

At the heart of the change support system

Training all employees to use a collaborative platform makes no sense. But accompanying your future or current community animators must be part of your checklist when you set up a Digital Workplace. They are your first ambassadors and those who embody the spirit of your digital transformation on a daily basis.

  • Establish a preparatory questionnaire, to be distributed by the project team to each potential facilitator to define the objective and indicators for their community/collaborative space.
  • Mobilize and train your facilitators so that they project themselves in the uses, become familiar with the corresponding services of the platform. This first phase of the solution is often complemented by advice to help them acquire animation techniques.
  • Highlight concrete use cases and benefits from the very first months after commissioning: have the animators testify!
  • Lead and animate the network: conduct regular surveys, organize physical meetings such as "Club des animateurs", have a dedicated space on the platform (the Community of animators which will allow them to exchange on their practices through FAQs, tutorials...).


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