Jalios now referenced on Datadock 2017

Jalios is now Datadocked! The organization is certified in accordance with the conditions defined by the Act. Focus on the qualities that make the Jalios formation an exceptional career path.

How does DataDock work?

Datadock is a unique database on vocational training in terms of quality. It allows the professional training funders meeting within the GIE D2OF to verify the conformity of the training bodies with the 6 quality criteria defined by the Law.

Once they have registered on Datadock, training organisations must file evidence related to the 21 indicators defined by funders to meet the 6 criteria.

Once the conformity of the parts has been checked, the training bodies become "datadocked" by the funders. Each of the latter may decide to include these training bodies in its reference catalogue.


Blog- Datadock


A shared service

From a shared database formalized by a technical tool, Datadock has become:

  • A homogenized service, open to all training organizations, regardless of their size.
  • A listening service since each training organization can propose corrective actions in the event of rejection of one or more criteria.
  • Simplifying service. Datadock facilitates the procedures of training organisations that benefit from an identical process for at least 41 funders, as well as the work of funders, thanks to the interfacing with their own information systems.

What DataDock enables Jalios training

  • Complete and update our files independently
  • Have our evidence validated
  • Carry out a self-diagnosis on the quality of our offer according to the criteria defined by the Law
  • Be declared datadocked and thus be able to be included in the catalogue of certain funders, who are responsible for the decision and responsibility.
  • Benefit from a short circuit thanks to a certification certified by CNEFOP

What allows Datadock to funders

  • To examine the declarations of the FOs and to make each of them datadocked or not according to these elements
  • To share information on FOs in a collaborative space reserved for them
  • Access to reporting
  • To rely on Datadock as a lever for pooling the data storage process of training organizations. Then, it is up to each funder to choose the ones they will include in their catalogue.

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