Jalios JPlatform 10: the superlative Digital Workplace

With its new version JPlatform 10, Jalios reaffirms its position as the leading developer of Digital Workplace tools. With its traditional robustness and user-friendliness and now even higher performance, Jalios' flagship solution becomes an application aggregator. And it now includes Social Learning functions.

The Jalios vision of the Digital Workplace

Vincent Bouthors, Jalios CEO, explains: "Jalios sees the Digital Workplace as a one-stop shop for the applications and services that people need to do their job. It combines on a single platform an enterprise social network, collaborative spaces and a communication Intranet, and above all instant access to daily tools such as an office suite, email, documentary management, social learning and business applications."

Image 1 Jplatform 

JPlatform 10 – Digital Workplace
Example of a home page with applications and social, collaborative and information functions.
The enterprise can organize these four key domains to meet its needs.


The JPlatform 10 "standard home page" illustrates Jalios' vision. The tools proposed are personalized for the user: activity on his enterprise social network, his collaborative workspaces, his applications, and news about subjects of interest to him. The page is totally configurable to allow different weightings for each section.

"The coexistence of these services – all with similar ergonomics – on the same platform is characteristic of Jalios products. It ensures real synergies between services and breaks down information and application silos," concludes Vincent Bouthors.

JPlatform 10 as an application aggregator

JPlatform 10 enables several levels of integration of third-party applications: from simple shortcuts to much deeper integration.

JPlatform 10 integrates natively with your information system: email, instant messaging and office suites (notably Microsoft Office 365®).

Optional plugins are available for fully integrated add-ons, including social learning, process and task management, recruitment, innovation support, and collaborative market intelligence.

Olivier Dedieu, R&D Director at Jalios, adds: "JPlatform 10 also incorporates a powerful development environment to create new applications. It exploits all JPlatform's social and collaborative features such as likes, comments, recommendations, links, activation in collaborative spaces, and much more."

agregateur dapplications- Jalios 

JPlatform 10 – Application Aggregator
Users organize their apps as they wish – just like on their smartphone.

JPlatform 10 innovates with Social Learning

Earlier JPlatform releases introduced new forms of collaboration and knowledge management. JPlatform 10 now goes even further by exploiting knowledge sharing in a highly original Social Learning solution developed by the Jalios subsidiary 1day1learn. Eric Gabas, 1day1learn Director, explains: "We help customers to become learning organizations and to replace formal training by free learning. To do this, JPlatform facilitates know-how sharing and mutual aid between colleagues."

Social learning is based on elementary knowledge that can take many forms, including videos, e-learning, quizzes, documents, external references and conventional in-class sessions. While some training requires days of classroom work, people often need just a few minutes of assistance. JPlatform 10 incorporates tools to build guides and quizzes. By conforming to SCORM e-learning software standards, third-party learning tools can also be employed.

The idea is to encourage everyone to participate in collective learning by means of remarks, aid for colleagues, and of course knowledge sharing. Expertise is classified in a catalog according to its level and domain. Useful information may even be presented as a "path:

Parcours nouvel arrivant - Jalios 

JPlatform 10 - Social Learning media
(in this example, the path of a new recruit)

JPlatform 10 driving collaboration and efficiency

JPlatform 10 comes with many features that make it easy for people to collaborate and organize their activities. Olivier Dedieu remarks: "By covering all the functional needs of staff, we reduced the temptation to use unauthorized "rogue IT" solutions which pose serious security risks."

JTask tasks management enhances personal efficiency and is valuable for organizing teamwork: team members share a context (deadlines, levels of importance, associated documents, colleagues' remarks, etc.).

JProcess process management is a similar tool used for managing recurrent, structured requests such as purchases, absences/vacations, support tickets, special jobs, etc. People working together exploit the same forms, workflows and processing and reporting interfaces.

Jalios - Elements profil


JPlatform 10 drives collaboration and efficiency
User can quickly consult all their personal information 

JPlatform 10 for ease of use and performance

JPlatform 10 brings many ergonomic improvements. The results of textual searches are separated between content, members and collaborative spaces. Natural (WYSIWYG) editing is now the norm for all content, with advanced features such as inserting a contents table, media and links to internal or external content. The collaborative spaces directory makes it easy to see what people are doing, and users can bookmark their favorite spaces.

JPlatform 10 is more robust than ever and can handle the very large data volumes of large organizations. To avoid duplication of content, it can be shared between collaborative spaces and identical documents can be merged. Partitioning into several tables pushes back the data volume limits. It is now possible to manage documents stored in third-party services, while metadata and rights management remain on JPlatform.

Operation and administration features are now richer. Plugins can be activated or deactivated without restarting the platform. JPlatform enables continuous deployment. Load balancing on a cluster of servers has been improved. Workflows can now be modified even when in use (updates are propagated across the server cluster).

Jalios - Annuaire des espaces


JPlatform 10 platforms are exceptionally convivial and easy to use
Every user has a directory of collaborative spaces 

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Jalios exploits its own Social Learning solution to present the enhancements brought by JPlatform 10: take a look at the guides on the Jalios Community support site.

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