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Jalios has been offering a Collaborative Space module for a few years now. Jalios Collaborative Spaces make it easy to bring users together around common interests. Jalios has chosen to leave the creation of Collaborative Spaces templates to be customizable and this allows its customers to adapt them according to their needs. A space model is defined by all the services that are activated there by default. Here are a few examples:

  • Spaces to manage projects that offer document sharing, a shared calendar or task management.
  • Professional spaces that allow people who perform the same function to share their experiences. There are services such as JMag (collaborative monitoring) FAQs or suggestion boxes.
  • Thematic spaces, often transversal, dedicated to the exchange around a topic in forums or idea boxes.

    Billet blog - Visuel Altea - Mission GDPR
  • Areas for exchanging practices with potentially FAQs, document management and social learning.

Billet blog - Visuel espace AVV Jalios


  • Community spaces such as spaces for newcomers in which they can find the organization chart, FAQs, a directory or social learning.

Billet blog - Visuel Altea - Espace nouvel arrivant 

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and varies according to the implementation of JPlatform.


Typing Jalios Collaborative Spaces in such a way allows to provide a context or a usage path. Only useful services as defined by the model are presented. This allows users to focus on the purpose of the collaborative space and simplifies its use.

The creation and animation of collaborative spaces are ergonomically very simple. These are in the hands of everyone and not just an administrator. A space can be private, secret or public. The space animator can not only add or remove services according to the specific needs of the space, but also manage the members of the spaces.

Spaces that are not only dedicated internally

Guests are individual members. They are often partners, suppliers or customers with whom we want to share in a particular space. They are confined there and do not need to create an account in the company directory. If the rights management policy allows it, a project manager can invite an external consultant into a space to enable him/her to collaborate effectively with the internal team.

Thanks to the Office 365 and Google Suite connectors on the one hand, but also to the shared calendar, document management, event planning and task management functionalities on the other hand, the Collaborative Spaces allow participants from heterogeneous IT systems to work in the same space.

Transversality through content

Since version 10 of JPlatform, content sharing between spaces has been improved. It is now easier to make content visible in several collaborative spaces. For example, reference documents can be shared between several projects and documents written by a team can be shared in other spaces.


Space that adapts to needs

Thanks to their flexibility in setting up and ease of use, Jalios Collaborative Spaces have the advantage of adapting to different needs, from an internal team, a transversal community or for exchanges with external stakeholders.


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