Business France

Business France

Collaborative intranet

  • Agency dedicated to the internationalisation of the French economy, born in 2015 from the merger of Ubi France and the IFA.
  • 92 offices in 70 countries, 1,500 employees including 2/3 abroad
  • Very nomadic and multi-tasking employees

Create a new Intranet that promotes decompartmentalization and collaboration to better work together

In a very international context, Business France has felt the need to create a new functional and collaborative Intranet allowing us to work together efficiently, with collaborators or businesses that do not know each other.

This approach was based on 5 objectives:

  • Installing and asserting the identity of the new entity
  • Decompartmentalize the organization of the company, by sharing information, to promote teamwork
  • Facilitate and develop collaboration around content socialization
  • To be open to all without restriction and accessible in a mobile situation
  • To offer simplicity and ergonomics of use to facilitate its appropriation without heavy training.

Functional richness, ergonomics and accessibility

In order to prepare for cultural change and take on board all employees, more than 40 workshops were organized to determine the functional basis of the new Intranet. Jalios stood out from the crowd:

  • Its functional richness
  • Ergonomics and accessibility (useful and multi-disposable)
  • Modernity and flexibility

SolBF1  SolBF2  SOlBF3

Openness and collaboration to work together effectively

MyNet, the new intranet of Business France, is a true symbol of the merger of the two agencies and was conceived as a vehicle for collaboration and information sharing between the various businesses and employees of the new entity.

One year after its opening, some forty collaborative spaces were created, mainly on sectoral themes or geographical issues. Every employee, whatever his or her level, service or contract, can access all documents. He comes into contact, learns to exchange ideas, brings ideas and gains in work efficiency. Finally, every employee can access MyNet from any terminal (computer, laptop, tablet) and benefit from the full functionality of the Intranet even in mobile situations.

"We wanted the Intranet to encourage a meeting between employees and between jobs that did not know each other, so that they could work together."

Marianne Pélissier, Head of Internet Communication, Business France

Business France

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