JDoc - Document management

JDoc - Document management

JDoc is a user-friendly, function-rich, evolutive solution for managing and sharing in a single repository all the documents of a department or a project, including those of partners and customers.

JDoc enables you to:

  • Share all your documents using a single, easy-to-use tool that supports collaborative editing
  • Consult up-to-date documents even when you are on the move. You can even edit them (after which they are automatically synchronized)
  • Increase personal productivity by facilitating access to documents and multi-criteria search functions
  • Track documents efficiently by managing their entire lifecycle, versions and collaborative editing
  • Optimize business processes by dematerializing all documents and automating their treatment
  • Control access to documents by means of precise, segmented user rights management

JDoc is very user-oriented. It makes documentary management much more fluid by providing instant access to documents - even in situations of mobility - and encouraging collaboration on the organization's documentary resources.

JDoc - Document management

Functional richness

JDoc is modular, evolutive and highly configurable. Its wide range of functions covers document sharing, dematerialization, advanced full text or faceted searching, document lifecycle and version management, and much more.
It can handle very large volumes of documents (several million without size limits) and all multimedia resources (document repository, photo and multimedia library, video channel, audio podcast, etc.)

JDoc - Document management

User-friendly and easy to use

JDoc was designed with users in mind. It is intuitive and easy to master; no specific training is needed. Use simple drag & drop to upload multiple documents; filing them is intuitive for anyone familiar with the Windows Explorer. JDoc can be used off-line or remotely in web mode by people on the move.

JDoc - Document management

An open solution

JDoc is remarkable for its openness. It can interface with numerous commercially-available solutions and it comes with many connectors. Its deployment is extremely flexible. It integrates completely and easily with the information system and users' work environments, making work comfortable and efficient and allowing users to concentrate on the essentials.

  • Document sharing

  • Advanced full text and faceted searching

  • Document lifecycle management: capture, workflow, business rules

  • Version management: automatic numbering, obsolescence, archiving, traceability

  • Dematerialization

  • Electronic signature

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