Collaborative intranet

  • Joint organisation in charge of the collection and management of training funds for the food industry, agricultural cooperation and food retailing.
  • Opcalim has 225 employees, an operational management department, 8 support departments and 6 regional divisions.
  • 252 million raised in 2017

Create a collaborative network to support the organization's digital transformation

In a dynamic of innovation and performance, Opcalim has decided to equip itself with an Intranet that is easy to use and federates in order to develop and structure the communication towards and between its employees.

This internal digital transformation process was based on 4 objectives:

  • Mobilize the company around a vision and a culture to encourage everyone's involvement and bring out the ideas.
  • Optimize the management of information resources and make them easily accessible to increase efficiency.
  • Energize and liberate internal communication by integrating it into a more participative approach
  • Develop collaboration through communities that facilitate communication and knowledge sharing

Scalability and ease of use

After benchmarking several solutions, Opcalim chose the Jalios solution for its rich functionality, scalability and ergonomics. The integration was entrusted to our partner ASI, whose expertise, commitment and quality of its support were appreciated throughout the project.

To encourage the adoption of the intranet and support change, Opcalim has invested in sustained communication, in particular to develop the collaborative: organization of events, competition games...

Tools, training sessions and tutorials have also been developed to support users on a daily basis.

Rapid adoption and productivity gains

OP' US, Opcalim's new intranet, is used mainly to share reference documents, disseminate internal news, access internal applications and collaborate within communities of practice.

The intranet was quickly adopted by all employees and feedback is very positive. The volume of exchanges and interaction within the Opcalim public community are supported, proof of a more dynamic and liberated communication.

OP' US also offers each user centralized access to all its business applications from the home page, maximizing workflow and productivity.

In a logic of new work habits, already 50 existing communities are gradually adopting collaborative practices. One of Opcalim's main priorities is to support change, which will boost the collaborative spirit and anchor OP' US in the work habits of its employees.

Toutes nos réferences

"The implementation of a communication plan is essential to accompany the change and foster ownership of the tool."

Julie Ferrari, Communications Officer, Opcalim


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