JLearning - Social Learning

JLearning - Social Learning

JLearning is a ready-to-use, next-generation Learning Management System. It provides a single point of entry for learning management, communication and collaboration.

  • Develop employee motivation by enabling micro-learning and instant access to training resources
  • Successfully develop employee integration and skills by proposing personalized free learning paths that give people learning autonomy
  • Be reactive to learning needs by making the most of your existing training resources and new web-based learning formats
  • Develop the commitment of learners by encouraging natural interactions between staff around content and activities
  • Encouraged knowledge and expertise sharing to enrich the organization's "know-how assets" (and conserve them even when people leave or move)
  • Boost training productivity by using integrated author tools to create tutorials, quizzes, polls and surveys, and multimedia learning material
  • Optimize training material creation and management by opening collaborative spaces for trainers

JLearning replaces formal training programs by "learning freedom": every employee gets the resources needed for his own learning. JLearning helps consolidate the organization's knowledge capital.

JLearning enhances training quality and reactivity by enabling training staff to collaborate on production activities and to share training baselines, pedagogic resources, conversations, activities and projects documents.

JLearning - Social Learning

A single point of entry

For formal or informal training JLearning gives trainees a single point of entry for acquiring expertise and knowledge. Running on any type of device, it brings a new learning experience with more simplicity, freedom and interactions between learners and with trainers. JLearning can be fully integrated in a collaboration platform or be deployed as a standalone application to serve training programs.

JLearning - Social Learning

All forms of learning content

JLearning accepts all types of learning material, including existing training modules (e-learning courses conforming to the SCORM standard for web-based educational technology) and all information and training sources inside or outside the organization: PowerPoint slides, user guides in PDF or Word format, links to documents on your documentary intranet or the Internet, tutorials, internal and external videos (e.g. YouTube), quizzes, massive open online courses (MOOC), etc. All this content can be exploited in the framework of learning paths adapted to the pedagogic goals.

JLearning - Social Learning

Natively collaborative and social

JLearning facilitates natural interactions and sharing by simple publication, enabling employees to learn with and thanks to other people. Every trainee can see and interact with others following the same path. Training managers can allow learners to publish very easily any knowledge that might be of use to others.
Activity-specific collaborative spaces can be created in which only members can converse, share documents and dispense training content specifically relating to their activities and centers of interest.

  • Expertise catalog, descriptive sheets for learning content

  • Creation of learning paths associated with knowledge broken down by subject, role, objective, etc.

  • Simple publication of expertise to spur knowledge and know-how sharing

  • Individual monitoring dashboards, plus consolidated reports for managers

  • Collaborative spaces for trainers

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