Jalios Workplace Google Edition

Intranet and Digital Workplace solution for Google Workspace

Do you use the Google Workspace suite for your productivity tools (email, calendar, videoconferencing, co-editing, cloud storage, etc.) and do you need a Social Intranet and a Digital Workplace on top of it that can intergrate all your applications and business processes?

Jalios Workplace Google Edition offers all the best of Jalios and Google Workpace in a unified and dedicated communication and collaboration solution, so that you can take full advantage of the Google suite, while benefiting from Jalios' flexibility and openness.


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Why Jalios Workplace?

With Jalios Workplace for Google :


  • Rapidly deploy Intranet and Digital Workplace
  • Maximize the use of your Google suite licenses
  • Align practices with the needs of your organization and your employees with or without a Google account


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Key benefits: what the solution does for you

Find all the functionalities you need to communicate, collaborate, increase efficiency and manage knowledge in a coherent, consistent and integrated way in Google Workspace.


  • Social and mobile intranet to strengthen your employer brand and the engagement of all your employees in the field and remotely
  • Real-time chat, video conferencing and co-editing tools
  • Rich collaborative document management solution (document, wiki, guides, etc.)
  • Collaborative spaces and cross-functional communities for aggregating, collaborating and capitalising over time
  • Business portal with customised dashboard, access to all applications according to each person's profile and business information feedback


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