Jalios Workplace for Microsoft 365

The Intranet and Digital Workplace solution for Microsoft 365

Do you use the Microsoft 365 suite for your productivity tools (email, calendar, videoconferencing, co-editing, cloud storage, etc.) and do you need a Social Intranet and a Digital Workplace on top of it that can integrate all your applications and business processes?

As a Microsoft partner, Jalios supports your migration to Microsoft 365 and consolidates your digital transformation strategy with an open, customised and scalable Digital Workplace.


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Why Jalios Workplace?

With Jalios Workplace pour Microsoft 365 :


  • Rapidly deploy your Intranet and Digital Workplace
  • Maximize the use of your Microsoft 365 licenses
  • Align practices among all your employees, even when they don't have a Microsoft 365 account


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Key benefits: what the solution does for you

Fully integrated with your information system, Jalios Workplace facilitates, streamlines and enriches the uses of Microsoft 365 from Intranet to the Digital Workplace. Our solution adds value to Microsoft 365 through integration and advanced feature.


  • Social intranet to strengthen your brand and employee engagement with top-down and transversal internal communication
  • Dedicated and personalized mobile application to keep in touch with front-line workers and working from home staff
  • Profiled and personalized single point of access to all Microsoft 365 and business applications
  • Customized dashboard displaying all useful information to save time and gain efficiency on a daily basis
  • Content and knowledge management solution for aggregating, collaborating and capitalizing in the long run


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