Cloud, PaaS or On-Premise: you get to decide!

Sovereignty of choice

While we are successfully supporting more and more organisations in their cloud strategy, we also remain one of the few players who do not impose it on you. 

Our conviction: every organisation is different and faces different technical, organisational and financial situations. Our mission: to enable you to make the most of a Digital Workplace, as a leverage for digital transformation at the heart of and consistent with your strategy and information system.

Our solutions are available in Cloud, On-premise and PaaS. Discover the advantages of each of these options.


Cloud : flexibility first

Let us take care of everything!

  • Monthly or annual subscription (OPEX)
  • Automatic updates and new features
  • Standard customisation and integration through simple configuration
  • Multi-cloud choice (Jalios, 3DS Outscale, Azure, etc.)
  • No initial investment and no technical requirements

partners cloud


On-Premise for aboslute control

Keep full control of your infrastructure.

  • Subscription or license purchase (OPEX or CAPEX)
  • Control of version upgrades and continuous integration
  • Standard customisation by parameterisation and advanced customisation with specific development
  • Maintain in-house skills
  • Cost sharing (private datacenter or IaaS)

PaaS: the best of both worlds

Delegate your infrastructure with a platform-as-a-service.

  • Monthly or annual subscription (OPEX)
  • Updates and new features included
  • Standard customisation by configuration and advanced customisation with specific development
  • No technical requirements
  • Multi-cloud choice or hosting by Jalios partners

In a nutshell

Cloud PaaS On-Premise
Pricing Monthly or annual subscription Monthly or annual subscription Subscription or license purchase
Budget line Opex Opex Capex or Opex
Customisation and integration Standard by simple configuration Standard par paramétrage et avancée avec développement spécifique Standard par paramétrage et avancée avec développement spécifique
Software upgrade Automatic & included Automatic & included

Controlled & on demand

(continuous integration)

Setup & Configuration No technical prerequisites No technical prerequisites In-house skills
Other Multi-cloud options (Jalios, Outscale, Azure, etc...) Multi-cloud choice or partner hosting Cost sharing (private datacenter or IaaS)


Have you found the best option for you?

Or are you still hesitating about the type of hosting that will best meet your needs?

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