Jalios Workplace Liberty Edition

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Jalios Workplace Liberty Edition is the complete and unified Intranet and Digital Workplace solution that lets you choose your technologies. It offers a fully featured alternative to the GAFAM Cloud solutions.

With this edition, meet your real-time communication and collaboration needs while choosing sovereignty: this edition integrates by default with alternative solutions (jitsi, collabora, onlyoffice) and can be customized to integrate with the tools you already use: exchange, collabora, zimbra, bluemind, GoToMeeting, etc.

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Why Jalios Workplace?

With Jalios Workplace Liberty Edition :


  • Rapidly deploy Intranet and Digital Workplace
  • Maximise the use of your existing tools and remain free to change them
  • Make your employees' daily lives easier, whether they are in the office, in the field or at home.


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Key benefits: what the solution does for you

Get access to all the functionalities that you need to communicate, collaborate, gain efficiency and manage knowledge in a coherent, consistent and integrated way with your information system.


  • Social and mobile intranet to strengthen your brand and employee engagement with top-down and transversal internal communication
  • Secured real-time webchat (IM), video conferencing and co-editing tools
  • Rich and collaborative document management (document, wiki, guides, etc.)
  • Collaborative spaces and transversal communities for aggregating, collaborating and managing knowledge and learning over time
  • Information, mobile and business portals with personalised dashboards, access to all applications according to the profile of each person and feedback of business information


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