Collaborative Extranet

Whether you're a franchise, a federation, an organisation or an order, you need a solution to manage your network better.

Maybe you're a business or public organization, and you want to optimise exchanges and collaboration with your suppliers, partners, clients and branches.


Exchange documents

  • Easily view, search and file your documents
  • Share and collaborate on documents externally
  • Ensure the confidentiality of exchanges
  • Recommend important documents
  • Offer template documents
  • Keep track of your exchanges: reading, notifying, modifying and versioning

Provide collaborative spaces

  • Provide a secure area for each client, subscriber, affiliate, franchisee, partner and supplier
  • Provide mutual exchange areas
  • Manage tasks and processes
  • Share a calendar
  • Stimulate conversations
  • Provide a directory of speakers

Communicate on a showcase website

  • Circulate information and reduce emails
  • Send newsletters
  • Conduct anonymous or targeted surveys Moderate a collaborative  watch section
  • Easily launch mini template-based websites

Offer a high-level customized service

  • Provide your users with a unique access point to their services
  • Present a dashboard displaying information for various services
  • Provide the right people with the right information
  • Personalise the space for each user
  • Develop career services or integrate existing services

Advantages of the solution

  • Support for a variety of standards
  • Adaptability of settings
  • Secure and encrypt documents
  • Common tool for intranet and extranet
  • Ease of use

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