A social and collaborative Intranet

Our social, collaborative Intranet software helps internal communication managers  carry out every aspect of  their roles, both traditional and new tasks:

  • Broadcast the company’s vision
  • Circulate information
  • Engage staff
  • Develop a collaborative culture in the company


An intranet for communicating

  • Delegate contributions while remaining in control (validation)
  • Target your audience according to the information (customization)
  • Obtain feedback from your colleagues (questionnaires, surveys, comments etc.)
  • Offer a modern style Intranet in your company’s colours (all graphic layouts)
  • Allow access to your travelling/mobile users
  • Several communication channels available (newsletters, documents, alerts, urgent messages, videos, In-company TV)
  • Become autonomous to animate your intranet and develop it (administration without coding)

A Social Network for your company to connect all your collaborators

  • Offer spaces for expression (blogs, articles, micro blogging)
  • Give your staff the ability to help each other out (conversations, likes, comments)
  • Encourage cross department communication and unify your staff(communities)
  • Encourage innovation (Think tanks)
  • Make finding the right person or expert easy (directory, profile sheet)
  • Keep everyone informed of network news (activity timeline)

A Digital Workplace base to make working together more effective

  • An Intranet giving access to the Digital Workplace (Office 365, Google or Jalios)
  • Make your Intranet essential (company portal)
  • Give access to business specific apps (app launcher)
  • Show a summary app dashboard (feed aggregator)
  • Enable direct interactions with third party apps (integrated interfaces)

Advantages of the solution

  • Manages multilingualism (16 languages), automated translation
  • Website factory with adjustable autonomy level
  • Robust, high performance, volume support
  • Assistance with security and confidentiality (rights)
  • Find information you are looking for (multi-criteria search engine)
  • Available in SaaS: economical, simple, customizable
  • Available on-premise: open, extendable with the potential for custom-made developments.

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