Digital Workplace

Our solution meets the needs of private and public organisations of all sizes looking for a Digital Workplace platform to get the best out of their different IT servicesby providing a unifying portal: for a more effective, more communicative, more collaborative organisation that is open to learning.


Work efficiently

  • A single point of access for all business specific apps
  • Make the most out of Office 365, G-Suit or Libre office
  • Implement management processes without coding
  • Each user can organise their own work space
  • Develop business specific apps easily

Communicate better

  • A single access point to customised information
  • The ability to interact (votes and comments) and contribute (wider delegation)
  • Synchronised communication (video, web chat)
  • Easily conduct surveys and questionnaires
  • Access to emails (Office 365, Gmail, Zimbra)

Collaborate, easily, it's all organised and flows beautifully

  • Organise team work in spaces (communities, projects)
  • Offer a dashboard (activity wall)
  • Provide a calendar that can be shared both globally and by space
  • Make managing tasks more fluid (team tasks)
  • Involve team members (conversations, think tank)
  • Make monitoring more dynamic with collaboration

Manage knowledge differently

  • Have a multi-criteria research engine at your disposal
  • Capitalise on documentation databases and share them easily
  • Access documents on the move
  • Identify team members and their expertise
  • Share knowledge (guides, quizzes)
  • Organise training (LMS and blended learning)

Advantages of the solution

  • Freedom from suppliers (JServices)
  • Make the most of native services, Jalios, Office 365, G-Suite and Libre office
  • Robust, high performance, volume support
  • Assistance with security and confidentiality (rights, figures)
  • Available in Saas and on premise
  • Extendable, agile platform (constant expansion, Devops)

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