The Jalios website gets a new look

Le Chesnay, 15 March 2018 – Jalios today launches its new, trilingual website at in French, English, and German. The website reflects the market-leading position of the Digital Workplace software publisher.

A new site to reflect a refreshed offering

With the aim of achieving increased ability and more effective market positioning for its offering, particularly JPlatform as a platform to support the implementation of a Digital Workplace, Jalios has revised its product naming strategy, and in turn, the redefined product range required a new presentation style for the website.

jplatform1 JPlatform for your Digital Workplace
JPlatform is a modular solution that allows you to create intranet, collaborative extranet and social websites: the platform for your Digital Workplace. JPlatform is an open platform that enables your Digital Workplace to be complemented by a suite of office tools (Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Libre Office), an e-mail system, real-time communications tools and business applications. This gives every single organisation the power to organise its own Digital Workplace.


  • JPlatform Evolution: a bespoke, licensed offer for 500 users or more
Cp - Jplatfom Evolution - FY18
  • JPlatform Ready : a pre-packaged, licensed offer for 200 users or more      
CP- JPlatform Ready - FY18
  • JPlatform Cloud : a pre-packaged SaaS-based offer for 100 users or more 
CP - JPlatform Cloud - FY18


CP - Jlearning - FY18JLearning for Social Learning
A turnkey, next-generation Learning Management System, JLearning brings together training, communications and collaborative working via a single point of access to convey and achieve learning goals. JLearning is also an optional JPlatform component. JLearning is available via a licensing or SaaS model.

CP - Jcom - FY18JDoc for document management
A powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use solution, JDoc enables you to manage and share all your documents from a single storage space, service, or project, with the option of including partners and customers. JDoc is is available via a licensing or SaaS model.

CP - JWeb - FY18 JWeb – CMS/Content Management System solution
A powerful, high-performance content management system, JWeb makes it easy to create sophisticated, attractive websites.



Supporting documents for the Digital Workplace and collaborative working

Jalios has developed an easy-to-use website, built around its JWeb offering, to improve the range of information about its latest news and its capabilities in the fields of collaborative working and the Digital Workplace. This website, which features responsive design throughout and offers a minimalist, modernised interface designed for a better user experience, makes it faster and easier to access essential information, guarantees fast access to information with a smooth and easy browsing experience wherever you are. A number of components are shared between this new website and the recently-launched version 10 of JPlatform . English, French, and German versions are all available.
This showcase website comprehensively explains and describes the characteristics and benefits of the Digital Workplace, including a new section designed to host supporting documentation and resources.

Our resources  

Content management skills and expertise

A primary element of the business’s digital strategy, the website was created with a view to raising the company’s visibility on search engines while also highlighting its expertise in terms of content management/CMS. This feature set, which was one of the first to be introduced when the company was founded, provides a quick and easy-to-use tool with powerful customisation options for content creators. “Our growth, and our desire to innovate and show off our expertise in content management systems were the drivers for the website refresh project,” commented Jasmine Derons, Director of Marketing & Communications.

Stay informed and keep up-to-date with our latest news

To ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest innovations in the Jalios group and the world of the Digital Workplace, Jalios’s expert team regularly writes and publishes articles in the “News” section of the website.
Another important aspect of this new version is the simplification of linking, with each section providing buttons to enable users to download documents, ask for information, request a demonstration, or simply subscribe to our newsletter.

More new features

Other new features will also be making an appearance with this version.
With a number of vacancies, Jalios has revised its Careers section, which now includes details of the publisher’s corporate values, while candidates can now submit a CV or an unsolicited application via an online form.
Meanwhile, SSIIs and specialists in digital transformation, collective intelligence, and collaborative working have the ability to “apply” to join our partner network, thanks to our nationwide and international partner program.
The training and certification programme has also been revised, with simplified, drop-down menus to give direct access to the desired training programme or certification.

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