Macif Diffuz

Macif Diffuz

Collaborative extranet

  • Mutual property insurer since its creation in 1960, also present today in the fields of health, provident, savings, life insurance and banking.
  • 5.3 million member-policyholders

Create a micro-commitment platform for collective solidarity

Faithful to its mutualist principles and its values of commitment, mutual aid and responsibility, the Macif wanted to develop a collaborative platform open to the general public to put in contact promoters of solidarity projects and occasional volunteers.

This platform was based on 4 objectives:

  • To be open to all and free of charge
  • Facilitate and make more free the commitment to solidarity so that everyone can act as he or she wishes and where he or she wishes.
  • Fostering meetings between individuals and associations carrying out projects
  • Promote Macif's collaborative spirit and give substance to its societal commitment

Ergonomics, flexibility and high level of customization

In order to develop this new form of solidarity and make its project a reality, the Macif naturally turned to Jalios, which has demonstrated its great flexibility, and easily adapted to the needs of a platform for the general public: customisation and design, ergonomics, multi-devices, accessibility in mobility, volume of users and exchanges, accompanied by its integration partner Micropole.

The implemented platform is built around a CSR platform including a fully customizable content management solution (CMS).

Ease of use and user-friendliness to encourage the engagement of e-citizens

Very quickly, Diffuz set up a real dynamic around the solidarity commitment, with 6,500 citizens registered in a few weeks, the "Diffuzeurs", and 1,500 challenges essentially brought about by an
40 associative partners, including Restos du Coeur, Unicef, Secours Populaire Français, Apprentis d' Auteuil....

The simplicity and ergonomics of the platform favour its appropriation by associations and the free engagement of citizens.

Building on this success and always listening to the e-citizens' usage, Macif is already planning to develop a Diffuz mobile application and enrich the platform with new functionalities.


Toutes les références

"We knew Jalios' expertise for working with them in confidence to create our internal social network. Choosing Jalios was therefore natural, especially since we share common values."

François Quintreau, Project Manager Diffuz, MACIF Group

Macif Diffuz

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