• Joint, non-profit and professional group for social protection in the building and public works sector
  • 3.3 million active and retired members and 197,800 contributing businesses in 2017
  • 5 236 employees in 2017
  • 114 consulting agencies and 170 advisors in 2017

The need

PRO BTP had a Web site, rich of 2000 contents heavy to manage because it could not make quick updates without the intervention of the IT department.

Saving time and autonomy in the updates, benefiting from the contributions of the editors in real time and developing the design of the site for a better user-friendliness, were the priority. In addition, the site had to guarantee access to members' confidential files.

Another challenge is to make a content management software cohabit with PRO BTP's information system by integrating the management of secure member areas.

Mrs Vonderscher, project manager, explains:"PRO BTP's overall objective is to be more efficient, serving its members by offering them real solutions".

The solution

After testing the compatibility of the Jalios solution with PRO BTP's information system, the new portal is fully satisfied.

The content management solution from Jalios allowed PRO BTP to gain autonomy and reactivity, but also to integrate the contributions of editors directly.

Mrs. Vonderscher points out:"We are very satisfied with the solution, the Jalios team listened to us and reacted quickly whenever we needed assistance".

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