Paris Academy

Paris Academy

Collaborative Intranet

  • School and university district corresponding to Paris
  • 773 primary schools with 166,004 pupils and 351 secondary schools with 161,373 pupils in 2017
  • The Rector is responsible for the entire education system in the academy


The objectives of the School District projects are many:

  • Modernize working methods, promote internal and inter-communication and thus improve productivity.
  • Making a powerful intranet for internal communication tool.
  • Reorganize the web presence of the Academy retaining the current principle of decentralized operation but brings to the different target users a comprehensive and coherent vision of the institution which simplify access to information.
  • Simplify and organize the implementation of the spaces or sites dedicated to a function, a user profile or establishment in a logic of overall coherence and federation.


To provide academic stakeholders or users, contoured manner on their desktop all the information from various organizations (academic web, web of institutions, ministry ...) and all the tools necessary for the performance of their mission.

For external targets (parents, students, school pupils, students, partners, media ...), these projects aim to develop the image of the Academy, simplify and centralize access to information, to support recurring applications to reduce Direct requests (visits, phone).

And for internal targets (teachers, managerial, administrative, ..), they aspire the establishment of forums for exchanges, collaboration, better access to all the editorial resources (simplification of the access route, Global search engine), simplification of access to application services (personalization + SSO).


The Rector caught Jalios, integrated solution for functional coverage that offers them the opportunity to streamline their technical device:

  • Portal
  • Content Management
  • Advanced search engine
  • Editorial workflow
  • Teamwork
  • Factory sites Features

The solution is open and standard and offers complete control IT teams of the Rectory. it is implemented by the education authority with the expertise of Jalios and with the assistance of Micropole.

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