• Historical reference operator of public transport in Ile-de-France
  • 5th worldwide among urban public transport operators
  • 4.57 billion euros in sales, 56,000 employees, including 46,000 in France

logo ratpChallenge: improve internal communication and dynamize web communication
The Paris urban transport company RATP has chosen Jalios JCMS to enhance its communication on the Internet and to create an enterprise portal used by 46,000 staff. Since Jalios JCMS already provided the base for its intranet, RATP naturally used it to build its ratp.fr website.

The intranet improves internal communication and energizes working group

To facilitate internal communication, enhance information sharing and develop collaborative work, the incumbent operator of public transport in Ile-de-France chose in 2002 to create a unique corporate intranet. Built with JCMS Jalios the UrbanWeb portal is now used daily by 46,000 agents and becomes the official repository and collective documentation.

The results are positive: "Participatory practices develop. The intranet becomes the official repository and collective communication. But they are useful in everyday personal services of the agent (its business tools, the HR account, his holidays ...) that are most used. The intranet is first seen as a useful site proximity with the user, "notes Patrick Grangier, Intranet Portal project manager.

The Internet portal also revitalizes the RATP communication

By choosing web content management solution Jalios to build its new portal, ratp.fr the incumbent of public transport in Ile-de-France was able to boost its communication on the Internet. Accessible on all browsers, reliable, pleasant and quick to check, the site now hosts 5 to 6 million unique visitors per month, which ranks the top 100 French sites.


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