Component: Enterprise Social Network (ESN)


The Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is one of the key components of the Jalios Digital Platform offer. Its Web 2.0 features help users to collaborate better and it provides a platform for professional communities enabling them to: 

  • share good practices
  • cooperate on strategic intelligence
  • stimulate initiatives and innovations 
  • transfer knowledge

Jalios offers more than just a social network adapted for businesses:  its ESN is a veritable professional social network totally and natively integrated with all the collaborative functions. The ESN is an integral part of your “Intranet 2.0”!

The Jalios ESN plugin has some very useful features such as enriched profiles, experts base, relations management and activity streams, in addition to powerful participative tools including synchronous conversations and communication.


  • Motivate, involve, satisfy ad gratify staff
  • Federate people around ideas
  • Alleviate problems associated with geographic dispersion
  • Break down barriers and reinforce interchange within the organization
  • Encourage innovation and individual initiatives
  • Reduce risks of leaks: guaranteed confidentiality and security

Zoom on three features

Conversation spaces

The conversation space is an important feature of Jalios social networks;  it can be seen as the Web 2.0 version of a forum. Jalios now proposes three types of conversation:  suggestion box, collaborative FAQs and free conversations.

Experts base

One of the prime advantages of knowing your personnel better is that this makes it easier to find people able to answer specific questions or assume specific responsibilities. To respond to this need, Jalios ESN makes use of branches of categories dedicated to skills management. An expert directory is created to navigate and search in these categories.

Micro-blogging and rapid publication

Jalios Digital Platform comes with a micro-blogging function that serves to rapidly post messages that then appear in an activity stream. Other members monitoring the author of a message can react by posting their own remarks. The micro-blogging messages can be consulted, searched and commented just like other forms of conversation (forum, suggestions, questions, reviews, etc.).

Other features

  • Rich profiles
  • Relationship management
  • Activity Streams
  • Import/Export Activity Streams
  • Lecko RSE Analytics plugin
  • Activity indicators
  • Dashboard
  • Notifications
  • Remarks
  • Vote: "I like" function
  • Review
  • Forum
  • Instant messaging
  • ...


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