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A powerful, function-rich tool for building sophisticated websites

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Jalios Web Factory is a powerful tool for creating sites of all kinds, from short-lived ones to durable enterprise platforms. It is outstanding for its functional richness and ease of use, and thanks to its modularity and evolutivity it meets the needs of organizations who wish to implement their platform initially in a limited form or progressively over time and to integrate it with their information system.

Jalios Web Factory is a proven solution which, like all Jalios offers, is based on Jalios Core Dev, an industrialized, secure, high-performance architecture that facilitates software developments and installation. Systems based on this architecture are used today by more than 700,000 intranet users and millions of Internauts. Jalios Core Dev is an ideal tool for creating personalized work environments.



  • Shared writing tasks, even involving occasional contributors
  • Fully controlled process to guarantee the quality of content and format
  • Greater efficiency by enabling management of multiple sites and sub-sites
  • Guaranteed optimal display on a range of devices: PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Offer your customers their own dedicated spaces on your sites
  • Compliance with the strictest security norms to secure your site
  • Optimized natural referencing (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) of your sites to increase their visibility and audience

Zoom on three features

Site Factory

Jalios Web Factory makes it easy to manage multiple sites or sub-sites, to create temporary sites and white-branded sites. A "site factory" mechanism facilitates the creation of sites using a template that defines the editorial organization, the content types, the graphic style,…

Editorial organization

In order to delegate contributions as much as possible while maintaining overall editorial quality in terms of content and style, Jalios Web Factory manages the roles of the various contributors, implements the required editorial workflows and tracks all actions. It is possible to plan a publication and the obsolescence of content, and you can preview site pages corresponding to any selected date.

Development and integration with the information system

To better serve your customers, you might wish to provide a subscriber space. Some information or documents are generated by applications, and you want develop advanced functionalities. For such usages Jalios Web Factory provides a powerful development environment with various integration mechanisms:  JSR 286, CMIS, REST web service, Jalios Open API, etc. 

Other features

  • Intuitive editing for the occasional contributor
  • Editing tools (spell checker, auto-completion,…)
  • Multi-device support (Responsive Web Design)
  • Excellent security (compliance with OWASP recommendations)
  • Compliance with accessibility norms (WAI, RGAA, AccessiWeb)
  • Optimized natural referencing
  • Multilingual: content in any language, user interface available in 10 languages
  • Fine user rights management
  • ...


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