Jalios Document System

A user-friendly, evolutive Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution

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Jalios Document System is outstanding for its conviviality and functional richness. It is coherent, flexible, adaptable and easy to install and use. It is open to other services already in use and can be quickly integrated with the existing information system.

Jalios Document System is a proven solution which, like all Jalios offers, is based on Jalios Core Dev, an industrialized, secure, high-performance architecture that facilitates software developments and installation. Systems based on this architecture are used today by more than 700,000 intranet users and millions of Internauts.. Jalios Core Dev is ideal for developing extendable, high-performance infrastructures.


  • Share one or more document repositories containing any type of document (office, PDF, picture, video, audio podcast, Flash, etc.) using a single convivial tool
  • Find documents quickly and view them (even when on the move) to improve personal productivity
  • Secure the access to each data repository taking into account business rules and user profiles (employee, manager, partner,customer,supplier)
  • Manage document life cycles, including collaborative editing and versions
  • Optimize business processes by dematerializing all documents and automating their treatment

Zoom on three features

Integration with user work environments

Jalios Document System is strongly integrated with the user environment:  it is compatible with MS-Office®, LibreOffice, Google Doc, etc. Using the "JDrive" plugin, it can synchronize selected documents with the user workstation online or offline.

Document Capture and Business Processes (workflow and version management)

Jalios Document System manages document dematerialization via a simple interface to handle different sources with model recognition (incoming mail, paper and electronic documents, third-party applications, etc.). Document life cycles are managed using totally configurable workflows, which enables them to be included in business processes. The solution manages versions automatically and tracks all operations and their authors.

Integrated search engine

To facilitate access to information, the platform incorporates a powerful search engine with multicriteria document search mechanisms:  full text, filing, metadata, author, document type, etc. Search queries can be refined and results can be sorted by relevance, date, popularity, etc.

Other features

  • Central document repository and collaborative spaces
  • Fine, dynamic management of user rights
  • Collaborative publishing
  • Unlimited filing plans
  • Support for office documents: viewer, conversion to PDF
  • Multimedia support: multimedia files, picture library, editing, automatic video format conversions, audio podcasts, etc.
  • Unlimited volumes
  • Notifications and recommendations
  • Version management
  • Multilingual: content in any language, user interface available in 10 languages
  • ...


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