Jalios Digital Platform

A modular, coherent, all-in-one solution to create your collaborative and social intranet or extranet

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Jalios Digital Platform is a powerful solution packed with communication 2.0 and collaboration 2.0 features that provide the foundation for your Digital Workplace.

Its functional cover is truly exceptional. Thanks to the modularity, evolutivity and coherence of its components, it adapts easily to meet the needs of all types of organizations from small businesses to large government administrations. It can be installed in totality or in part, or even progressively over time, and it integrates easily with existing computer applications.

Jalios Digital Platform is available in SaaS mode or license mode ("on premise"). Subscription is the rule in SaaS mode, it is also possible in license mode.

Icone-Core-Dev-100x75Jalios Digital Platform is a proven solution which, like all Jalios offers, is based on Jalios Core Dev, an industrialized, secure, high-performance architecture that facilitates software developments and installation. Systems based on this architecture are used today by more than 700,000 intranet users and millions of Internauts. Jalios Core Dev is ideal for developing efficient work environments for your employees.


Jalios Digital Platform "Ready to use"

Ready to use
Jalios also offers Jalios Digital Platform in  ready for use 
version, in license or SaaS, which is aimed particularly to SMEs, to the departments of major accounts or small communities.


  • Federate the enterprise around a vision; mobilize and involve every employee; develop talent and create the right conditions for innovation
  • Improve project performance and drive productivity
  • Animate transversal communities to encourage dialog and networking
  • Inform employees and encourage knowledge sharing and capitalization
  • Offer staff a personalized workstation, powerful and functionally integrated
  • Rationalize your tools thanks to modern ergonomics

Zoom on three features

Rich collaborative spaces

Jalios Digital Platform is organized around collaborative spaces easily configured by their administrators. It provides a vast range of easy-to-use functions, notably ones to organize teams (roles assignment, access for people from outside the organization), collaborative document publishing (office, wiki, blog, etc.), work organization (calendar, Gantt, tasks, recommendations, etc.).

Enterprise Social Network

Jalios Digital Platform can be used to create and animate enterprise social networks. Participants are identified:  systematic display of authors, declared rich profiles, experts base. Communities facilitate interchange:  conversations, suggestion boxes, collaborative FAQs. Activity walls canbecreatedtofollowthe activities of a person, a space or a department.


Jalios Digital Platform's interfaces are designed to operate on large screens, a tablet and even a smartphone. All of them adapt to the screen size by applying the Responsive Web Design principle. In some cases the elements on the page are stacked downwards to adapt to the screen width, or elements may disappear if the screen becomes too small. These advanced ergonomic feature based on the Bootstrap framework can be included in your house graphic styles.

Other features

  • Electronic Document Management: sharing and collaborative publishing
  • Connectors for MS-Office®, LibreOffice, Google Docs, CMIS, etc.
  • JDrive plugin: automatic synchronization of documents on the user workstation
  • Advanced searching: textual and multicriteria
  • Editorial spaces
  • Publishing and business workflows
  • Business Portal,Personnal Portal
  • Mail connectors: Outlook®, Exchange®, Lotus Notes IBM®, Zimbra, etc.
  • Instant communication connectors: MS Lync®, Cisco WebEx®, XMPP, etc.
  • Integration with the information system
  • Multilingual: content in any language, user interface available in 10 languages
  • ...


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