Developer certification

This certification is mainly intended for developers who work on the Jalios application and design Intranets and websites for our customers.


Duration and terms and conditions

  • 1 120-minute session (2h)
  • 100 questions (QCM)
  • Thresholds of success:
    • between 70% and 79% at the PROFESSIONAL level
    • from 80 %: EXPERT level
  • 6 people minimum
  • Certification by major version
  • Price: 150 € per person per certification
  • Inter-company certification:
    • 10 people maximum.
    • Regular monthly sessions in Jalios premises
    • from 19 January and then once a month
  • Intra-company certification: 
    • 5 people minimum within the company
    • on the premises of our partners and/or customers

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  • Concepts: Site, portals and portlets pages
  • Container and container principle
  • Portal editing mode
  • Creation of portlets from backoffice / frontoffice
  • Operation of the "JSP Collection Portal"
    • Link to one or more topics
    • Page determination algorithm to be displayed
    • Wire element display principle
  • Native portlet types
    • Properties common to the different portlets
    • Presentation of the main types of portlets:
      • Navigation
      • Column
      • Iteration Query
      • Selection
      • Redirection
      • Explorer
      • Workflow
    • Overview of settings for the main portlet types
  • Concept of Model
    • Site Factory
    • Performance - Cache
    • Page templates / site template


  • Developments sequence in plugin
  • Structure of the folders/files of a Jalios webapp
  • Concept of developments in modules / plugins and impacts on the application
  • Sequence Make Theme Sequence
  • Separation between shape and background
  • Cladding templates
  • Display templates
  • API sequence Data management
    • Explore the entire data management API
  • Front Office Developments Sequence
    • Editing display templates
    • Using Jalios taglibs
  • Hooks sequence
    • DataController
    • AlarmListener
    • QueryFilter
    • CtxMenuPolicyFilter
    • memberQueryFilter
  • Open API Sequence
    • Discover how the Open API available in the solution works
  • Good Development Practices Sequence
    • Jalios Plugin Tool for Eclipse
    • Blind mergers
    • Jalios Delivery Engine for continuous integration


  • JPlatform 10. x. x. x


  • Being "Administrator" certified at the professional level is not mandatory but is a plus.

Recommended training courses

  • Functional Administration
  • Advanced Functional Administration
  • Developer

Feel free to consult the Jalios Training Catalogue.

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