Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

The very numerous functionalities of Jalios platform allow you to set up, thanks to a unique solution, a intranet or an internet website to:

Jalios content management platform comes with a vast array of content management features to:

  • communicate,distribute and share information in a personalized manner adapted to the audience (staff, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.)
  • encourage and facilitate the direct involvement of everyone through participative features (voting, polls, remarks, etc.)
  • engage your employees
  • enhance your corporate image


  • Transform information into value
  • Keep your content renewed and up-to-date by spurring many people to contribute
  • Animate relations with different audiences (see also ESN)
  • Attract young employees through modern communication tools (multimedia, comments, etc.)
  • Segment access to information according to user profiles (access rights): internal, partners, customers, general public
  • Rich pallet of content management tools
  • Shorter content distribution delays for greater reactivity
  • Centralized validation (managers) with workflows
  • Address both intranet, extranet and internet uses thanks to high-performance content management functions
  • Offer both enterprise portal functionalities for top-down communication and/or collaborative fonctionnalities for your social intranet
Content Management System (CMS)

Ergonomic publishing

Although validation remains centralized for reasons of quality, contributions are generally delegated to distribute the effort and to collect richer content from a large number of people. Jalios products provide simple, intuitive ergonomics suitable for occasional contributors, but editorial managers can rapidly access more advanced functions (to reconcile such contradictory needs, Jalios adopts the "progressive disclosure" principle).

Content Management System (CMS)

Editorial process

Jalios proposes a workflow mechanism used to organize work involving several people. Each person finds in his in-basket the content that he is supposed to validate or rework. He can accesses the history of each version, since every modification is recorded (the executor, plus the name of the normal author if he delegated the task).

Content Management System (CMS)

Separation of content from style

Jalios products can be used to create any type of house graphic style. By default, powerful, proven frameworks - Bootstrap 2.0, Less - are employed which notably manage the adaptation (responsive web design) to different types of terminal.

  • Allocation of editorials rights

  • Editorial monitoring

  • Editorial planning

  • Temporal previews of pages

  • Controlled navigation plan

  • Consistency of links

  • Structured, WYSIWYG editing

  • Accessibility

  • Optimized referencing

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