Collaborative document management

A large part of knowledge and informal exchanges are still based on office documents, although multimedia documents (pictures, audio, video) are increasingly used today.

Jalios Workplace facilitates document sharing via a single multimedia repository or via collaborative spaces dedicated to a department, project or community.

To exploit documents optimally, Jalios manages every phase of their life cycle: collective creation, validation, filing, distribution (with controlled rights), searching, expiry, archiving.


  • Find up-to-date information easily
  • Capitalize knowledge by making it permanently accessible and shared
  • Facilitate co-editing of documents
  • Ensure traceability and confidentiality of all documents
  • Easy-to-use administration interface: multiple uploading by drag/drop
Collaborative document management

Offline and mobile collaboration

Thanks to JDrive, you can take advantage of your up-to-date working documents, wherever you are, and work on them even offline. The documents are automatically synchronized on the platform once the PC is connected to the network. From the intranet, edit a document directly from the "Edit Document" button without having to worry about downloading and re-depositing it, thanks to the "Live Edition".

Organize your JDrive directory freely on your workstation to benefit at any time from the latest versions of documents, automatically synchronized on your workstation. Also access your documents on your smartphone or tablet.

Collaborative document management

Media library

This function presents a set of content in the form of images. The content can be pictures, videos, office documents or any other content types with a visual representation. Images can be edited directly (rotation, trimming, resizing).

Collaborative document management

Advanced ergonomics

Excellent ergonomics are one the strong points of all Jalios products. For example, a set of documents can be uploaded by simple drag-n-drop. Document filing will be intuitive for people familiar of the Windows® explorer. Versions are automatically numbered and can be consulted easily.

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