Collaborative platform

Each collaborative space is dedicated to a department, project or community exploiting rich functionalities to boost its efficiency and capitalize knowledge.

Jalios Workplace can include many workspaces with different usages:

  • Collaborative spaces for internal or transversal projects, and even external ones involving partners, suppliers and customers
  • Spaces for working on sales proposals
  • Spaces for market-watch and strategy planning activities
  • Spaces to support specific subjects and centers of interests
  • Spaces for professional or extra-professional clubs and communities


  • Boost efficiency, using a project-type approach for all forms of collaboration
  • Capitalize information and be able to find it again at any time
  • Enrich information, then exploit it to the full
  • Satisfy users: ease of use, conviviality, time savings, knowledge of workspace members, professional and even leisure activities
Collaborative platform

Collaboration 2.0

Jalios products incorporate many web 2.0 type features that facilitate collaborative working: blog, wiki, conversations, remarks, "like", polls, light tasks, Evernote connector, etc. These functions are highly appreciated especially by younger employees familiar with general public web services. They are convivial, very flexible and the perfect choice for efficient collaboration.

Collaborative platform

Organized collaboration

To complete the collaboration 2.0, more conventional tools are provided to organize the collaboration, for example a calendar, event planner, resources manager, task manager, directory, organization chart, glossary, FAQs, etc.

Collaborative platform

Collaborative watch with JMag

The JMag service is ideal to support collaborative market intelligence activities based on sharing of Web resources organized by subject. Participants have a bookmarklet that allows them to share in a click the web pages they have visited. The title, URL, abstract and an image are automatically extracted from the page. The user adds a remark to explain the interest of the shared information.

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