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Université de Liège

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Find out how the University of Liège, based on 4 campuses, powers its 416 websites for students and staff.


The University of Liège, or ULiège for short, is a public, pluralist Belgian university located in Liège, comprising :

  • 11 faculties, based on 4 campuses
  • 26,863 students
  • 97,900 graduates and 5,666 staff members.

The university's numerous static websites needed to be organized and prioritized using a structured CMS.

The choice of a robust, flexible and European tool

ULiège is looking for a technological solution to motorize :

  • Institutional theme sites
  • Faculties
  • Departments
  • Research units and laboratories
  • Administration and faculty intranets
  • Internal and external newsletters

The main challenge was to offer a clear, harmonized digital presence, both for the thematic sites and for the faculties and independent entities (laboratories, event sites, informational intranets, etc.).

The architecture focused on the needs of target users, with a mobile-first and responsive design objective.

Jalios was chosen for its robustness, flexibility and ability to accommodate a large number of contributors. The importance of choosing a European player also tipped the scales in favor of Jalios.

We've succeeded in creating a coherent digital ecosystem, both in terms of content and form, and it wouldn't have been as effective without our very constructive collaboration with Jalios.

Aline Henrion, Head of institutional websites, University of Liege

Coherent digital communication

In 2006, the University of Liège called on Jalios to create its first institutional website. 10 years later, in 2016, on the occasion of ULiège's Bi-centenary and its graphic redesign, it was possible, thanks to Jalios, to interconnect all its institutional sites, moving from a disparate system to an organized and structured one.

The University of Liège uses the Jalios solution to motorize :

  • 416 thematic, institutional, faculty, departmental and research unit sites
  • Information intranets for staff and students.

All these sites are interconnected via shared news and agendas, and a specific e-news module enables the distribution of some forty different newsletters.

With just 3 Jalios instances, the University of Liège manages all its digital communications.

Jalios at the heart of ULiège's digital strategy

A total of 955 editors, trained in the solution, are involved in putting over 190,000 items of content online on 416 activated sites (intranet and internet), with 43 e-news items sent out in parallel.

Several website models were created, each with its own graphic charter and modular block catalogs. The University of Liège developed a site duplication tool, taking less than 2 hours to deliver a template site, ready to be used by its contributors.

To date, the University of Liège's main site has achieved rather respectable consultation statistics:

  • 4728 visitors per day
  • 3541 unique visitors
  • Average visit duration 2min19s

After 16 years of using the Jalios CMS, the University of Liège is one of Jalios' longest-standing customers, and declares that it has been able to create a coherent digital ecosystem in both form and content.


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