A new intranet for more collaboration

La Redoute has chosen Jalios and its ASI integrator to redesign their intranet. 

The work done with Jalios was to desilote the company. The bases of the old intranet have been reviewed, the directory has been redone to be able to connect it to Jalios and to allow the creation of collaborative spaces that have been directly used by employees. 


The project was launched over 6 months, and since then the platform is much more flexible in terms of:

  • Collaboration within teams
  • Widget
  • Features and functions
  • Design
  • Colours


"With Jalios we have a support that is very responsive, and they have a very good listening skills towards their customers. It's very easy to share with developers or Customer Success, and to share our ideas." - Maxime Segard.

*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings.

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