February 13, 2019 / Lyon

CRIP LYON : Knowledge Management


Jalios invites you to an exchange morning organized by the CRIP in Lyon on February 13th. This IT-oriented event will be an opportunity to address the challenges of the digital transformation of organizations and their impact on digital architecture and infrastructure.

 This morning will aim to question CIOs on the following questions:

- What trajectory should be adopted to lead a legacy infrastructure to a modern cloud?
- How to industrialize applications through an automation and infrastructure as code project?
- How to use Artificial Intelligence to anticipate Infra unavailability?
- Which tools, processes & organization to choose in order to adapt the SOC of an international group to the R&D and industrial scope of its French subsidiary?
- Which DevOps approach - organization, tools & processes - would allow optimal adoption?
- Could the Chatbot make internal employees more autonomous?


Intervention: Change management as the key to success

Why did you choose SaaS mode? What were the key success factors for this project, which went into production after 3 months? What are the concrete results and results to date?

You will be able to witness the feedback from Aderly, which, in order to improve information sharing and collaborative work, has set up a digital workplace with a solution in SaaS mode.

  • Schedule: 12:30 pm
  • Speaker : Stéphanie GROS, Information Systems & Reporting Manager

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  • Dates: February 13, 2019 at 8:30 am
  • Location: APRIL - 114, boulevard Marius Vivier Merle - 69003 Lyon
  • Event website: CRiP


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