Jalios Digital Workplace for all: administrative and technical staff, teachers and students!

Simplify the days of all those involved in education ecosystem by making the digital work environment a single point of access to all their tools. For over 20 years, Jalios has been helping Universities, Schools and Academic Regions to set up their digital ecosystem.


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A better employee experience for all administrative staff  

Create commitment, facilitate collaboration, improve efficiency and more. Discover how collaborative tools can improve administrative work.

  • The Intranet ensures your establishment's internal communication with all staff, providing news and information not to be missed.
  • Encourage exchanges and facilitate collaboration thanks to collaborative spaces and cross-functional communities.
  • Centralize all the administrative staff tools for their daily work in an intuitive application launcher.

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Simplify teachers daily work and give them more time for their teaching mission

Offer a digital work environment that simplifies teachers' daily lives and saves them time, so they can devote more time to their teaching mission. 

  • Centralize and facilitate access to essential resources with document management (EDM): teaching documents, HR information and business software.
  • Encourage collaboration and exchanges within active educational communities, thanks to collaborative functionalities such as FAQs, suggestion boxes and discussion forums.
  • Strengthen relationship with parents and build trust by communicating easily on educational activities and student progress.

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Support your students along their journey   

Supporting students at every stage of their education is essential for their personal and academic development

  • Thanks to a single access portal, students have all the information and digital tools they need to make the most of their school year: news feed, messaging, documentary space, blogs, teaching resources, virtual classes, etc.
  • Streamline group work with collaborative spaces, project management tools and online discussion groups.
  • With the collaborative platform, give your students the means to collaborate and exchange ideas on a daily basis, whether with teachers or administrative staff.

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Digital Learning: a catalyst for learning in the era of technology

As an integral part of the Digital Workplace, Digital Learning is revolutionizing the way we share knowledge.

  • Enable teachers to choose resources adapted to their teaching methods: virtual courses, documents, interactive quizzes, videos, tutorials, etc.
  • Offer learners the opportunity to follow continuous training and courses at any time of day, wherever they are.
  • Accessible to all, including people with disabilities, Digital Learning guarantees equal access to education and training.

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