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FHV Informatique

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  • Shared service of the hospitals of the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland)
  • Highly decentralized and dispersed structure: 12 hospitals, 50 geographical sites, 140 buildings, 4,500 workstations.
  • 8,895 employees, 38% of whom were foreign in 2016
  • Diversity of professions and activities

Develop several "personalized" collaborative Intranets with a single platform

To respond to the new challenges of the hospital sector and its digitization, FHVI has opted for a new IT tool enabling the institutions in charge of it to satisfy their need for information and collaboration through the development of a new digital workplace.

This approach was based on 4 common objectives that nevertheless respected the specificities of each institution in terms of IT maturity or business processes:

  • Facilitate the work of each employee by simplifying access to "good" information
  • To make each establishment autonomous as regards the management of its contents and resources
  • Promote the sharing of common resources within different structures
  • Encouraging collaboration on cross-cutting projects of different kinds

Facilitate implementation and access to a powerful search engine associated with it

Following a satisfaction survey among the employees of the 12 establishments, FHVI was able to identify the expectations and possible areas for improvement, then compare several solutions before selecting two and submitting them to an evaluation based on 140 criteria. The Jalios solution stood out for several reasons:

  • Its functional richness
  • Its "out of the box" implementation ergonomics
  • Its scalability
  • Ease of publishing and managing multi-site content
  • Its advantage in terms of "cost versus benefits"
  • Antidot, its particularly powerful search engine, allows indexing beyond the perimeter of the Intranet alone.

An intuitive, flexible and scalable tool

The implementation of the solution has been progressive in order to adapt the platform to the needs of each establishment: graphic identity and customized configuration (governance, workflow, content). Each hospital has its own Intranet. The on-site factory, with a common model, makes it easy to manage cross-functionality through a simple and fast implementation of customised sites.

The personalization of collaborative spaces is easy and based on four main types of models: project, thematic, social and team.

Emphasis has been placed on the "profiling" of content and users according to three attributes (business, geographical location and service) so that each user can easily customize his virtual office and have quick access to the "right" information. It benefits from a "single entry point to the entire information system": search in the Intranet via a search engine, access to a company directory, business applications...

The result is significant and results in a reduction in the number of emails thanks to the system of referrals and document sharing and a time saving in terms of access to information.

The Digital Workplace offered by Jalios is simple to administer and maintain, and above all easy to extend.

"The great novelty brought by the Jalios Solution: a collaborative platform with federated uses for all the establishments."

Fabrice Mathieu, web domain engineer, FHVI

FHV Informatique

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