An all-in-one to communicate and collaborate


  • Encourage and dynamize transversal interchange,
  • Share information, data and knowledge,
  • Boost the productivity and efficiency of your projects,
  • Exploit synergies and capitalize knowledge,
  • Offer every member of your staff a personalized desktop, fixed or mobile.

    These are just a few of the benefits of Jalios JCMS, the modular, evolutive web 2.0 collaborative portal solution developed by Jalios. Jalios JCMS is available under license, in SaaS mode and special version for SME.

More than 500,000 intranet users and millions of internauts are already using Jalios JCMS.

Modular, extendable platform

The enterprise social network is a recent example of Web innovation that continues at an unrelenting pace. Jalios aims to give its customers the benefits of these modern services by integrating them natively in the Intra/Extra/Internet functionalities of its product. Its JCMS solution is a next-generation enterprise portal:  a single, modular, customized platform providing an enterprise social network, collaborative spaces, customized portals, document management  and content management services.

Thanks to its modularity and its openness, Jalios JCMS adapts to the enterprise’s needs.
It can be implemented at limited scale, then extended progressively, if need be integrating with other applications already in use. Thanks to it exceptional functional richness, Jalios JCMS finds a vast range of usages, from simple communication to collaborative working:

  • Communication
    • Institutionnel site/ information site / e-commerce site
    • Entreprise portal / departemental portals
  • Sharing
    • Entreprise data repository
    • Knowledge base
    • Expert base
  • Collaboration
    • Communities: social network, conversationnal environments
    • Projetc spaces
    • Market - and techo - watch spaces

This platform meets the most exacting performance, security and reliability requirements of organizations large and small.

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