Useful innovation, the cornerstone of responsible R&D - A word from Jalios R&D Director

Useful innovation means solving the real problems encountered by users of a software tool. At Jalios, this has always been our first and foremost concern.
For the past 20 years, we have been working to improve our Digital Workplace platform based on the needs and requirements of our customers and their employees, to enable them to work as efficiently as possible and create value, while staying very close to current technologies.
We have thus built our tool on the basis of real-life examples of intranet portals, collaborative platforms and extranets in the corporate world and in the public sector, aggregating all the tools needed by users within a central platform to facilitate collaborative working.
Thanks to this approach, we have generalized the management and sharing of knowledge and know-how between employees, thanks to the possibility of distributing tutorials or small teaching guides between colleagues, and improving them through updates. By avoiding information obsolescence through collective intelligence, we are demonstrating innovation in usage rather than technological innovation.


Jalios as an aggregator of third-party technological innovations

 Jalios is also an aggregator of third-party technological innovations. We make it as easy as possible for users of our platform to access innovative tools provided by other software publishers.
Efficiency doesn't lie in using a single platform in isolation from other software solutions. It's important to let organizations choose what they want to use on a day-to-day basis; their collaborative platform must be a central point capable of linking everything else together.
Customers can choose the suppliers they want for specific needs such as EDM, Messaging, or suppliers of translation tools, video-transcription ...that they feel are most relevant to facilitating or enhancing their employees' collaborative work.
More recently, artificial intelligence (AI) services have also been introduced. AI provides revolutionary functions for automatically summarizing content, transcribing video into text, or categorizing information to make it easier to find. By helping to construct information, it saves time, for example, by searching for newsletters in videos or summarizing conversations. In a way, AI gives users superpowers, opening up new possibilities and simplifying exchanges between them

Integrating innovations and making them accessible and therefore useful

We make these third-party innovations useful by integrating them and opening them up to all company employees, notably through our "JServices" connectors, which bring together a number of French and foreign partner suppliers.
Useful and accessible, innovation is also controlled in its pricing aspect and in the security and sovereignty of data, provided that customers choose technologies developed by French suppliers who guarantee their protection.
However, innovation constantly calls into question the way things are used, and leads us to return tirelessly to the problems posed by and for users. What are the expected benefits in terms of information sharing, knowledge capitalization or access to know-how? What do our customers think? These are just some of the questions that can be discussed and resolved by our partners and customers in our JLabs, collaborative open innovation spaces, to better define the usefulness of innovation.

Useful innovation guides more responsible R&D

Meanwhile, through its useful, usable and utilized functionalities, innovation serves to guide more responsible R&D.
This involves optimizing the resources consumed by a company department, managing the programmed obsolescence of software tools and hardware, and adjusting the use of services and functionalities to the strict needs of users.
It is with this in mind that Jalios has committed itself to the General Ecodesign Standard for Digital Services (RGESN), which aims to reduce the overall consumption of IT and energy resources and equipment, as well as the carbon impact of digital technology. Our customers are increasingly sensitive and vigilant about these issues.
In any case, useful innovation is the basis of Jalios' success. This is borne out by the loyalty of its 460 customers over more than 20 years, and the two million users of its Digital Workplace.

Olivier DEDIEU
CTO & Co-founder Jalios


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