Jalios unveils its product strategy at JDS18

Le Chesnay, November 27th 2018 – Jalios, France’s leading solutions publisher for communications and collaborative working, has set out its product strategy at the Jalios Digital Summit that gathered around 300 participants.

The Jalios JPlatform solution will now be increasingly open to third-party solutions, particularly Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, in order to offer a complete Digital Workplace to users while providing even greater benefits across entire IT systems. As such, Jalios has reasserted its position as a “collective intelligence catalyzer” and freeing users from organisational and application-based silos.


A single strategy: openness

Jalios JPlatform has always been a highly open solution. With its modular architecture, its wide range of interfaces and its extensive customization options, the solution already offers excellent integration capabilities with clients’ existing IT systems. This strategy of openness is now being enhanced in three different ways.

Integrating new components of Microsoft and Google suites: Jalios JPlatform is certified by Microsoft thanks to its integration of the Office 365 office suites, and already incorporates components such as Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint and Skype. The next version of Jalios JPlatform will integrate with Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Yammer and other Office 365 and G Suite tools.

Providing a choice between several services: Jalios offers a number of third-party alternatives for each component. In fact, JPlatform has long been integrated with the Google Docs and Libre Office platforms, and supports  major authentication systems and multiple instant communication solutions. This openness will now apply to a number of additional services, such as calendars, automated translations, and mapping tools.

Unifying and combining services: The Jalios API enables clients to integrate their business applications, while Jalios continues to enhance its efforts to improve the user experience and facilitate the integration of services. Jalios is able to offer this combination of services thanks to its API and its powerful development framework. Jalios will also enable various apps to talk to one another through the integration of Zapier: for example, new business wins in the CRM system can be relayed to news feeds, or tasks can be created automatically.


An example of combining services in Jalios: displaying an Exchange event with a Google Maps map, documents located on OneDrive or JDrive, and automatically-translated comments managed by Jalios.

We take things further than a simple integration model. We want our customers to take full advantages of all their services through advances integration designed with use case scenarios in mind,” explains Olivier Dedieu, Jalios’s Director of R&D.


A single mission: “To act as a collective intelligence catalyzer.”

Jalios is more than just a simple add-on layer for Office 365 or G Suite. Jalios offers an extremely wide range of native features, ranging from a Social Intranet through to Social Learning and collaborative task management. Why does it offer such extensive coverage? Quite simply: to offer a complete Digital Workplace solution.

Companies, as well as public organizations, want to transform themselves to handle the risks and seize the opportunities that digital technology brings. These transformations have an impact on their customer relationships, their ecosystems, and their internal organizational structures. The challenge extends beyond efficiency: it is about collective intelligence. Indeed, intelligence can be defined as the ability to understand the environment and to adapt accordingly.

“For Jalios, acting as a catalyst for collective intelligence means making organisations more effective and collaborative, and improving their abilities to learn and communicate. This is the mission that Jalios has accepted in offering its solution. It is a mission that extends far beyond the questions of individual and collaborative productivity that Microsoft and Google are focusing on,” asserted Vincent Bouthors, CEO. 


A catalyst for collective intelligence: a major challenge for businesses

Jalios JPlatform excels at communications and makes it possible to implement an open social Intranet built on collaborative services. JPlatform can also be used as a single point of access for a range of business applications to make the organization more effective. JPlatform offers an extensive range of rich, collaborative features that make it possible to capitalize on shared knowledge. As such, Jalios stands out with distinctive Blended Learning features, covering Social Learning capabilities as well as managing instructor-led learning.

Our clients chose us for a broad spectrum of different reasons, but ultimately they are all just routes to the implementation of a Digital Workplace that is open to all applications within their organization.  All our clients move forward at their own pace, depending on the specific challenges that they face,” stated Jean-François Pellier, Sales Director.


A single conviction: supporting freedom of choice

Finally, Jalios is one of the few software developers that does not require clients to adopt the SaaS model. Instead, they are free to choose whichever option suits them, while remaining free to switch thanks to the ability to reverse operational decisions if they wish. Even more importantly, clients can benefit from a hybrid model: for example, by sharing the majority of their documents on the Cloud using Office365 or G Suite but retaining sensitive documents that require greater security within their on-premise JPlatform environment. Each customer can also choose a ready-to-use solution or customize it by configuration, or even complete it with specific developments if desired.

Jalios allows you to choose your supplier for each service


Discover Jalios’s vision and product strategy, as presented in the keynote speech at the Jalios Digital Summit by the two founding directors:

JDS18 - Vignette keynote

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