Jalios: catalyzing collective intelligence

Jalios founded in 2001, is a software publisher specialized in web applications.  It has become a leading player in the content management and collaboration software market.

Jalios develops and commercializes three offers that are remarkable for their functional coverage. They are all based on the same architecture  so as to ensure consistent functionality:   collaborative workspaces and enterprise social networking, portal, content management and document management. They can be used to build collaborative and social intranets/extranets and websites and collaborative document databases.


Today More than 900,000 intranet users and millions of internauts now use  platforms built using Jalios tools.

Since its creation Jalios has founded its strategy on innovation and the unbending goal of helping organizations to better manage their information and to place people at the center of information interchanges. The key idea is to develop collective intelligence.
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Towards collective intelligence

To Jalios it appears clear that the next growth lever for businesses will be the exploitation of the data - even totally unstructured data,  to collaborate and communicate. In our knowledge-based society it vital to manage even informal data.

Enterprises and administrations have developed their efficiency substantially by acquiring business information systems (IS) such as ERP, BPM and CRM.

Now that Internet use is ubiquitous, organizations have acquired content management systems (CMS) to enable editorial teams to communicate with customers and staff.

Over the last decade, so-called ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions appeared incorporating electronic document management (EDM) alongside tools to build portals that provide a single point of access to information systems.

Yet over this period the services provided by organizations for their employees have increasing diverged from the immensely popular web-based services embraced by the general public. Jalios' mission is to give its customers the benefits of these so-called "Web 2.0" services. Social networks in particular open up new perspectives that will revolutionize collaboration and drive the development of collective intelligence.

A strong technological foundation recognized by the market

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Jalios solutions are based on the Pharos interactive web guide technology developed by the Bull/INRIA joint venture "DYADE" and by France's National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA).

Its advantages have been widely recognized on the websites of professional communities and consulting firms (such as Lecko) and by Jalios' first customers.

Today, Jalios maintains its commitment to technological innovation and invests more than 30% of its revenues in research and development.

Healthy development

To assure its durable growth, Jalios has always self-financed its development. The company has never failed to post a profit, and it has the resources necessary to grow its business.

To accompany customers implementing its solutions, Jalios has made partnerships with reputed integrators and is able to propose well-adapted customer support, training and consulting services.

Today, Jalios boasts big clients in many sectors of trade, industry, and public administration.  Several hundred thousand satisfied end-users employ Jalios solutions daily to develop their business and increase their productivity.


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